Frequently Asked Questions


Q?Who is
Visitorangutan is one of our internet promotion website under PT Purima Wisata Nusantara, Head office at Magelang central java, with an operational office at Pangkalan Bun central kalimantan, Banjarmasin south Kalimantan, Samarinda east Kalimantan, Labuhan Bajo Flores, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya
Q?What your company actual business
Our main business is tour organizer, and other business connected to the main business as following : Flight booking, Hotel voucher, Web design, Web programmer, Shuttle, Rent car, Restaurant
Q?I saw same information on other website in the internet, it's yours
We run few marketing website. if you are visiting one of our orangutan or Borneo website as following :,, you will same information, program, contact. Other website is is more detail than others. you can have variable prices for most of the program which is some of the has special offer. The other site is which is used for whole seller travel busyness ( Flight ticket, Hotel, Train, Event, etc ).
Q?Why you have soo many website
We do understand, some peoples may concern about this. But we just doing promotion and optimizing at all search engines. When one is not top one on search engine, will be the other will. But we guaranty you that you will have same contact name, address.
Q?I saw same good comment and bad comment about you, How to convince me ?
We ran our business since 2007. During those period, we are sure that there was happiness clients and unsatisfied clients, some of them even write on the some social media. We glad to receive all the of them, There are alot thinks influence during the trip due most the adventure spot is involved with the second or third parties, and most our trip are dealing with nature and wildlife, what the client expected sometime could not happened on the trip due limited facilities on transportation, accommodation, human resources. Beside that Nature force and Local tradition are playing very importance things during the trip. But all the critic from our unsatisfied client are very good experience for us to improve next service. On the other hand, just let you know that we have alot repeater client which is come every year with us.

How to book the tour

Q?How do I make a reservation
Please contact email address or phone, or you could come directly to our office mentioned below.
Q?What the best time to visit
The best time to travel to the spot mentioned as following :
  • January to March usually is rainy season, but in some part of area alike Kalimantan and Flores, the weather is unpredictable, it could be dry. most destination during those months is low season, not soo many tourist on the spot.
  • April to May are beginning of dry season, as mentioned above that kalimantan and florest still unpredictable. Those period are still considering as low season, but the visitor is bit more that during january to March. This is very best time to travel
  • June, Aug until mid Sept are very busy, alot of visitor come to all the destination mentioned. And specially for Borneo the weather still unpredictable, based on our experience at lately this 3 years, there was quite lot rain. This period considering is best time to travel, but you have to book way in advance to get service.
  • 20 September to October are same season as April to March.
  • November to December are much likely same as January to March

Travel during Ramadhan and Idul fitri is not recommended, but you could still start during those period with view condition
Q?I travel with small kid, it is save to travel
We have experienced to handle 4 Years old to 80 years old, we are are recommended for the destination which is quite challenging type
Q?I am girl, it save to travel alone
We do professional, our client is our king and our friend, we have alot single female traveler in the past, On the other hand, we also have several female guide.
Q?Are flights included in the trip price
All the packages are excluded flight, we quote airfare seperatedly due the price are depending to the available seat and they completely has different rules than us.
Q?Does it cost me anything to change my air itinerary
Yes, the reschedule, refund or flight cancellation will cost you extra, it will be depend to the airline term and conditions
Q?What’s included in the price of visitorangutan trip
All the packages are including accommodation based on the packages price and it could be upgrade with additional charge. Transportation are combination from boat, car, canoe. English speaking guide for all destination, you could request other speaking guide with additional charge. the additional charge is depend to the destination you will take, request other speaking guide for Flores and Borneo will cost you alot due the cost will add by their flight and hotel. Entrance permit for all destination. Meals, mostly serve as Indonesia type of meals, some visitor may not used to with the meal so we highly suggest you could take stomach problem, but we assure you that it will be less for few minutes only because all meals is cook with fresh and hygienist. Some mineral water and snack are come along during the trip
Q?I want to book your tour, but i concern a bout the payment, what do you suggest
This is very importance matter, we are sure that we have same concern about the payment, But just let you know that we need to book and deposit all the service involved on the program such us Transport, Accommodation, Guide and some service in advance. in the point of view, we could not guaranty the booking without any payment from you. Soo we take middle way, you could pay at least 25% deposit payment for the tour packages and pay the rest when you meet our welcomed staff

Specially for the airline we could not receive deposit payment, it should be paid full based on airline limit time

Before the trips

Q?How I can Find the person who will meet me
Someone ( Purima Guide ) will standby at the front of arrival gate with your name
Q?Do I need any vaccinations
Most concerned is Malaria, please call your doctor to provide best medication and insecripellent for malaria
Q?Do I need passport and travel Visa
You need passport and arrival visa, you could get it on your first arrival at Indonesia
Q?When I receive my travel documents
When the trip is confirmed and the payment instruction is made you will receive all document
Q?How much luggage can I bring
Due we our destination is mostly adventure activities, not really big luggage could be necessaries.

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